It’s the end of the world as FM know’s it and FM feels fine

Former Defence Secretary, George Robertson, said that Scottish independence would be “cataclysmic” for the world.

Many people, quite rightly, said that George Robertson’s comment was bonkers. A ‘YES’ vote will not lead to the end of the world. But, what if George was right? What if a ‘YES’ vote does signal the start of the final days – could there be method to his madness?

One day, someone will correctly predict the end of the world. The sad truth is that no one will ever know. The Apocalypse will be upon us and we’ll be too busy running and screaming (or ascending into Heaven) to turn around and give them a clap on the back. We won’t say “Hey, George, well done!”, ” Good job!”, ” You Da Man!”

Though, if I was George Roberson, and I’d correctly predicted the end of the world I’d probably be a little bit smug about it. “Thought me crackers, did you? Well, take a look at me now! Who’s your daddy! Yah boo, it must suck to be you, especially now your dead! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

But what evidence does George have that the reckoning is upon us? I’ve discovered a curious thing…

The Quaran Code is a series of numerical patterns hidden in the Quaran. In 1968, an Egyptian biochemist claimed that he had discovered a hidden code based around the number 19. Important words in the Quaran contained 19 letters, important phrases contained 19 words, and these words and phrases repeated in multiples of 19.

For example:

In the first verse, i.e., the opening statement “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim” consists of 19 Arabic letters.
The first word – Basmalah – occurs in the Quran 19 times.
The second word – Allah – occurs 2698 times, or 19×142.
And many, many more!

Using this code, the very smart (and definitely not mad) Egyptian biochemist worked out that world will end in 2280 A.D. (19×120). But, what if the answer is simpler? What if we don’t have to look at multiples of 19?

What is the date of the Scottish independence referendum? 18 September 2014.

And what is the date that the results of that vote will be announced? 19 September 2014.

So, if Scotland votes yes, the result would be known on the 19th day of September. And, as the current code points out the 19th day is THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!

Can you take the risk that George Robertson is a nutter? Would a nutter have been elected secretary-general of NATO? Would a whacko have been appointed chairman of the Labour Party in Scotland? No! So, the only explanation can be that he must be right. The end of the world is nigh – and there’s only one way to stop it!

You ‘NO’ what to do – you ‘NO’ it makes sense.


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