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Heated debate, inspirational ideas, and impassioned pleas to stay: the Scottish independence referendum has nearly everything – everything but a sense of humor.

This week the first book to satirize the independence debate was published. ‘The Fat Minister’s Question Time’ is written by Andrew and Iain Todd to humorously answer the questions the Scottish Government has so far failed to answer.

Andrew Todd said:

“‘The Fat Minister’s Question Time’ is the first book to cast a satirical gaze at Scottish independence. We believe that arguments over the future of Scotland are far too important to be left to politicians. This book provide a humorous look at a subject that needs to reclaimed from the earnest promises of Yes Scotland or the dire warnings of Better Together.”

Iain Todd said:

“The Scottish people are told that independence is not just a matter for the head but one of the heart.  This ignores the fact we have the highest rate of heart disease in the World so maybe the heart is not the best organ to trust. I hope this book reminds both the yes and no camps that the independence debate can be argued in a friendly and humorous way.”

Questions answered in the book include:

“Will an independent Scotland still have the Beano and Dandy comics? Definitely! And, due to the Fat Minister’s proposed welfare reforms we can exclusively reveal that Desperate Dan will no longer be desperate. He’ll just be Dan.”

“Will the Scottish Government ban Trident? Definitely – the only thing the Government will have after independence which costs millions and does nothing will be the Scottish Parliament.”

“Will an independent Scotland keep the pound? Yes, but it still won’t be accepted as legal tender by London cabbies.”


For more information please contact Iain Todd, and 07590058527

Information for editors:

‘The Fat Ministers Question Time’ is exclusively available from as a Kindle ebook from Monday 27 January 2014.

About Andrew and Iain Todd

Andrew and Iain Todd are twin brothers from the Western Isles of Scotland who have performed stand-up comedy together for three years. This is Andrew and Iain’s first book together.


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